“Transforming realities.
Crossing horizons. Making way.
Following dreams and painting them”
Lourdes Fisa

Lourdes Fisa is a contemporary visual artist born in Barcelona in 1964. She has lived in United States, Germany and currently resides and works in Manresa (Barcelona). She uses mainly painting and engraving techniques and is especially interested in the handling of techniques and concepts.

She has graduated in Art at the University of Barcelona, specialising in printmaking. She continued her studies in Germany (Hochschule für Bildende Künste, in Braunschweig) and in the United States of America (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago). She also made stays in printmaking workshops in England (Wilkey’s Moor workshop, Ivybridge). Since 1988 when she started exhibiting her works and until the present day she has participated more than forty individual exhibitions and seventy collective exhibitions in diverse institutions and galleries in Spain: Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid, Zaragoza, and in other countries such as Portugal, Luxemburg, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and United States of America. Her works have been awarded several prizes and she exhibits regularly in International Art Fairs. Public and private collections have acquired some of her works.

Lourdes Fisa has a deep knowledge of the medium and the techniques required and uses them with total liberty, transcending consciously the traditional methods. This way she is able to incorporate into her works a series of mixed techniques surpassing the usual use of them. It is as if in her works you can find an artist experimenting and in constant mutation. Her initiation in printmaking marked in her work the importance of the footprint of the engraving process in some of her works, which she later developed around all types of dimensions and supports, including the large formats of earlier works. Her artistic trajectory has always been connected to the relationships of travel, discovery, identity and movement.

From 1997 onwards Lourdes, intrigued by fiber glass – mostly associated with industry and artificiality – transforms this medium into a natural material with a parchment or wax look, without forsaking her work with the more traditional paper medium, which she successfully managed to include with other supporting materials in her “installations”, and are an integral part of her exhibitions from 2004 onwards. These are always related to the space where the works are exhibited, especially her exhibition entitled A10  as well as the itinerant exhibition Camins de descoberta, Camões des del Mediterrani in Luxemburg, Lisbon and Manresa ,Atlas  in Tarragona and AQVA sobre ÁGUA more recently in Portugal. Her interest for the space and the installations establishes a dialogue with the architecture , as we see in  Transparències, the work permanently exhibited at the Cultural Center Blanca d’Anjou at l’Hospitalet de l’Infant (Tarragona).

In the report “The internationalization of Catalan Art” 032 Bonart Magazine, the spanish curator Ramon Casalé argues that Lourdes Fisa’s work is very creative and contemporary, which makes it highly valued internationally.

“With the rest of the habitual techniques, the inclusion of different coats or layers of material, shades, the “grattage” (scratching or scraping), or fiberglass with its transparencies and light effects, she creates a dynamic work that seeks new visual proposals”  (from the text The poetry of Art by Ramon Casalé).

Lourdes Fisa displays a poetic and passionate work and transmit utter sensibility towards the human condition.

Lourdes Fisa work can be seen regularly at the Sala Parés in Barcelona.

MFA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC, Chicago, USA.

HBK, Hochschule für Bildende Künste of Braunschweig, Germany.

BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, UB. Specialized in Printmaking.

Photography at Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Lithography workshops at Wilkeys’s Moor Workshop, Ivybridge, England.

Erasmus Grant from the European Community to study at the Hochshule für Bildende Künste, Braunshweig in Germany.

Mulltidisciplinary workshop 12 miradas RiverSide with the architect Juan Domingo Santos in Ribeira Sacra impulsed by Mundohr and Galería Vilaseco, Galícia, Spain.

2015 Artist selected of the Cardedeu Art Vigent Project 2015.

2012 Award Donart 2012 organized by the Association of Women’s La Frontissa.

2003 Prize Catalan Encyclopedia for Graphic Works.

1995 First Prize for painting “LXV Competiton/Exhibition of Manresan Artists”.

1994 First Prize for Engravings “XXIII Arts Show for Young Painters” Generalitat de Catalunya, Catalonian Government.

1993 Special Mention at the “VI Engraving Concours”, Burgos.

1990 2nd Prize for Painting, “Begur, a theme for Artists,” Contemporary Art Museum, Begur, (Gerona).

1988 3rd Prize “Sanvisens Painting Concours”, Sitges, (Barcelona).

Selected work for the annual purchasing tenders for the Artistic Patrimony of the University of Barcelona.

AQUA SOBRE ÁGUA, Installation at the Museum do Teatro Romano, Lisboa, Portugal.
El viaje/ Journey, Fundación Merayo, León, Spain.
Atlas, Tinglado 1, Port de Tarragona, Tarragona Harbour, Spain.
Desiderium, Sala Parés, Barcelona.

Blancs, negres i matisos/ Blacks, whites and nuances, l’Arcada Galeria d’Art, Blanes, (Gerona).
Orígens/Origins, Sala de l’Antic Hospital de Pelegrins, Corbera de Llobregat, (Barcelona).

1,2,3 comença el joc/ 1,2,3 The game begins
Museum Arxiu Tomàs Balvey, Cardedeu (Barcelona).
Selected artist for the project Cardedeu with the Art Vigent /Current Art Project.

Llums i ombres/Lights and shadows
Installation to the lobby Born Street, 11, Manresa (Barcelona). Artistic intervention by TAV-CC.

Eingang Haus 11-17/Entrance Hause 11-17
Galeria Artèria, Igualada (Barcelona)
18 inspiracions per minut/18 inspirations for minute, video installation Loop VideoArt, Barcelona.

Melodies de llum/Melodies of light
Casa LLuvià Col·legi d’Arquitectes Bages-Berguedà, Manresa (Barcelona).
Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao, Spain.

Obrir pas/To make way
Galeria Trama, Barcelona, Spain.
Cartes a l’Univers/Letters to the Universe
Contemporary Art La Sala, Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)). Winner Donnart Prize 2012.

Galeria Trama, Barcelona.
Galeria Alba Cabrera, Valencia, Spain.

Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao, Spain.
La ruta de la seda/The silk route
Galeria Canals, San Cugat del Vallés, (Barcelona), Spain.
En chemin/On the way
Catalan Studies Center, Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

Camins de descoberta – Camões des del Mediterrani /
Paths of the discoveries – Camões from the Mediterranean
Cultural Center El Casino, Manresa, (Barcelona), Spain.

Camins de descoberta – Camões des del Mediterrani/
Paths of the discoveries – Camões from the Mediterranean
Reservatório Patriarcal do Museu de Agua, Lisbon, Portugal.

Camins de descoberta – Camões des del Mediterrani/
Paths of the discoveries – Camões from the Mediterranean
Camões Institute, Luxembourg. International Project organized
by Centre Català of Luxembourg and Camões Institute.
With the collaboration of Institut Ramon LLull.

El rastro invisible/The invisible trail
BBK Foundation, Bilbao, Spain.
Les 4 estacions/The 4 seasons
Galeria Canals, Sant Cugat del Vallés, (Barcelona), Spain.

Blaus blues/Blues blues
Galeria Alba Cabrera, Valencia, Spain.
Contemporary Art Fair, Valencia, Spain.

A 10 Instalation. Forum de las Culturas
La Pietat Church, Vic (Barcelona), Spain.
Galeria Alba Cabrera, Valencia, Spain.

Luz Interior/Interior Light
New Art, Barceló Hotel Sants, Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.
Le Salon du Printemps de Montréal 2002, Galeria Llucià Homs, Canadá.

Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.
Galeria Horizon, Colera, (Gerona), Spain.

Territori Humà/Human Territory
Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.

Urban Gallery, Zaragoza, Spain.

Caixa Manresa Foundation, Manresa, (Barcelona).
Galeria El Carme, Vic, (Barcelona), Spain.
Pas a Pas/Step by Step
Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.

La Torre Vella, Salou, (Tarragona), Spain.

Large Formats
Fórum Berger Balaguer, Vilafranca del Penedés, (Barcelona), Spain.

Sala Blanquerna, Generalitat de Catalunya, Catalonian Governement, Madrid, Spain.
Caja de Madrid Cultural Center, Barcelona.

Sazama Gallery, Chicago, USA.

Galeria Duna, Barcelona.

Cultural Center, Corbera de Llobregat, (Barcelona), Spain.
Galeria Miquel Sambró, Barcelona.

Sala d’Art Lola Anglada, Barcelona.

Mímesi e Metafora. Exhibition in homage to Pius Font i Quer and itinerant in Lleida-Barcelona-Manresa-Bolonya (Catalonia-Italy).

Abstractions, Galeria Trama, Barcelona.

Collective Artèria, Galeria Artèria, Igualada (Barcelona).
Sala d’exposicions Antic Hospital de Pelegrins of Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona).
Pluralidad. Galeria Alba Cabrera, Valencia, Spain.

Art Copenhaguen, Dinamarca, Sala Parés.
Summer group exhibition, Galeria Trama, Barcelona.
8ªedició Premi de Belles Arts St. Jordi dels Països Catalans, tridimensional work, Bellpuig (Lérida), Spain.

The spirit of Barcelona, Messum’s Gallery, London.

The spirit of Barcelona, Messum’s Gallery, London.
Cercle Artístic of Manresa in the Night of Museums.

Space 2, Galeria Trama, Barcelona, Spain.
Arte Santander, 19th International Contemporary Art Fair, Galeria Trama, Spain.
Art Madrid, Contemporary Art Fair, Galeria Alba Cabrera, Spain.

Eros+ismes: Art in the Autumn, Tinglado 4, Tarragona Harbour, itinerant to the Contemporary Art Center La Sala, Vilanova i la Geltrú, (Barcelona), Spain.
Punt i seguit/Stop and Following
Galeria Marga A. Sennacheribbo, Barcelona, Spain.

Art Madrid, Contemporary Art Fair, Galeria Alba Cabrera, Valencia, Spain.

10th Ricard Camí Painting Prize, Caixa Terrasa, (Barcelona), Spain.
De porta a porta/From door to door, Galeria No+Art, Gerona, Spain.
Sopa d’ artistes, Galeria Rua X d’Art, Manresa, (Barcelona), Spain.

Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona, Spain.
La Velocitat i la Calma/The velocity and the Calm, Galeria No+Art, Gerona, Spain.
Art Madrid. Contemporary and Modern Art Salon. Galeria Alba Cabrera, Spain.

Contemporary Catalan Engravings, Art-Expo, Barcelona, Spain.
Arte y Enfermedades Mentales/Art and mental illnesses ,Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.
Galeria El Carme, Vic, (Barcelona), Spain.

2nd Prize for Pictorial Research. La Torre Vella, Salou (Tarragona), Spain.

TempVs FVgit, Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona, Spain.
El viaje/The Voyage, Iberian-American Cooperation Spanish Cultural Center, Miami, USA.
El Viaje/The Voyage, Galeria La Rama, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

Caligraphy versus Typography, Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.
PAN-Amsterdam Art Fair, Holland. Plusgalleries Amberes, Belgium.
Artíssima – Contemporary Art Fair. Galeria Llucià Homs, Turin, Italy.
1st Salou Prize for Pictorial Art, La Torre Vella, Salou (Tarragona), Spain.
Gènere i Gèneres/Types and Genders, Contemporary Art Show. Installation at the District Museum of Manresa and itinerant at the Leather Museum, Vic, (Barcelona), Spain.
Art at the Hotel, Contemporary Art Fair, Valencia, Spain.

New Art Fair, Barceló Sans Hotel, Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona, Spain.
Urban Gallery, Zaragoza, Spain.
The end of the beginning, Galeria Horizon, Colera, (Gerona), Spain.
3rd Art Biennal Barcelona Football Club Centenary, Barcelona, Spain.

1998Prospectus Gallery, Chicago, USA.
Art-Expo, Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona, Spain.

1997Galeria Llucià Homs, Barcelona, Spain.
5th Ricard Cami Prize for Painting, Terrassa, Spain.

4th International Biennale for Engraving, Julio Prieto Nespereira Prize, Caixa Orense, Spain.
38th Prize for Young Painters, Sala Parés, Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Caligrama, Barcelona, Spain.
100 exlibris spanischer Kunstler – Hommage an Walter Benjamin. Itinerant in Catalonia and Germany.

Vantage Point- Abstraction, Jan Cicero Gallery , Chicago, USA.
Galeria Duna, Barcelona, Spain.
Monotipos/Monotypes, Galeria Contrast, Barcelona, Spain.

ART 1994 CHICAGO: The New Pier Show, Sazama Gallery, Chicago.
13.a Mostra d’Arts Plàstiques per a joves, Generalitat de Catalunya- Itinerant in Catalonia.
Gallery artists, Sazama Gallery, Chicago, USA.
Graphic works in homage to Pablo Neruda, Galeria Duna, Barcelona, Spain.

X de X a Joan Miró, Galeria Canals, Sant Cugat del Valles, (Barcelona), Spain.
Gallery 2, Chicago, USA.
Summer Salon, Sazama Gallery, Chicago, USA.

2nd International Biennale for Engraving, Julio Prieto Nespereira Prize, Caixa Ourense, Spain.

Europa im Ex-Libris, Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, Nuremberg, Germany.

1990 9th Internationale Grafik Ausstellung, Frechen, Germany.

Beaux-Arts University, Bandung, Indonesia.
1st Triennale of Sabadell Engraving, Beaux-Arts Academy, Sabadell, Spain.
Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig, Germany.
4th Biennale Concours for Young Painters, Galeria Anquins, Reus (Tarragona), Spain.

6th Show of Catalan Contemporary Art, itinerant in Catalonia.
“Plastic Arts for Young Artists – 6th Show”, Sala Lola Anglada, Barcelona, Spain.
30th Prize for Young Painters, Sala Parés, Barcelona, Spain.
Sala Agora 3, Sitges, (Barcelona), Spain.

29th Prize for Young Painters, Sala Parés, Barcelona, Spain.
2nd Art Biennale Barcelona Football Club, at the old Born Market, Barcelona, Spain.

28th Prize for Young Painters, Sala Parés, Barcelona, Spain.
6th edition of Cadaqués International Mini Print, itinerant in Catalonia, Andorra and USA.

Joan Flasch Artist’s Book Collection, Chicago, USA.
Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany.
H.B.K. Arts University of Braunschweig, Germany.
Collection Foundation Vila Casas, Barcelona.
Collection Enciclópedia Catalana, Barcelona.
Collection MasterCard, Madrid.
Collection BBK Fundazioa Foundation of Bilbao.
Collection Testimoni, la Caixa , Barcelona.
Consortium Zona Franca, Barcelona.
Centre d’Etudes Catalanes Université de Paris-Sorbonne-Paris IV.
Contemporary  Printmaking Dept of the National Library, Madrid.
Manresa Town Hall, Manresa (Barcelona).
Collection Williams & Zevnik, P.C., Chicago, USA.
Barcelona Council, Barcelona.
Corbera de Llobregat Town Hall, (Barcelona.
University of Barcelona.

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Texts of catalogs and publications

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I am interested in Art as a medium of knowledge and communication in order to express concepts of space and time. I mix techniques and concepts, and then in achieving their union. My work stands for a process of introspection, based on memory and the lived experience. It is the result of a passionate search regarding material, its processing and the significance it might transmit. I use to employ mixed painting-techniques, printimaking and graphic techniques, drawing, fiberglass, etched glass and the manipulation of different materials. When using the technique of collage, I bring movement and volume into the composition through gesture, texture and colour.

Travel, discovery, identity, movement, displacements from one place to the other, transformation, the passage of time – they are all constant concepts in my work.

Lourdes Fisa

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