Installation at the lobby of The Cultural Center

Transparencies is the title of the artistic installation that Lourdes Fisa has created for the hall of the new House of Culture Blanca of Anjou inaugurated the 11 of November of the 2017. It is an artistic intervention formed by four works of big format that the artist has made to welcome the visitor.

Harmony and warmth are the concepts that Lourdes Fisa offers us with the works conceived for this architectural room. For this has utilised the contrast of the materials with his transparencies, textures and colours. Light, transparency, fragility and resistance are concepts that inspire at the history and the feminine figure Blanca of Anjou (Napols 1283-Barcelona 1310), a historic personage that established the foundation of the city of the l’Hospitalet de l’Infant .

The past and the present talks us combining through a game of materials and of changes of perception.

From first floor, the light passes through

Lourdes Fisa work in progress at the installations of Vidriera del Cardoner

Glass Work in progress

Two compositions hang from the ceiling, occupying the double-height lobby space, They are works made on fiberglass  and acquire the appearance of wax, inspired by old and important documents, such as the  founding letter of the Hospital de Coll de Balaguer.