“ Art is for everyone, but only a minority knows that

I understand Art as a language, a means of expression that is part of human nature and each individual can explore with sensitivity, motivation and learning.

I believe in educational transformation through art interrelated with other knowledge. My passion for Art comes together with the interest of offering my acquired knowledge to people who want to discover their creative potential.

Through different artistic techniques, personal work will be carried out under advice, accompanied by creative learning through the specific workshops that I will be organizing. Each person expresses themselves in a different way and is discovered through practice. “Observing, knowing, experimenting and learning” will be the concepts that we will be working through visual languages ​​that we will explore mainly from the graphic and its expressive resources.

Lourdes Fisa


The studio is a work space. It is also the place where ideas germinate and where the required means to develop them are present. Lourdes Fisa has had several such places but has, for several years now, established herself in Passeig Pere III in Manresa (Barcelona), in a large mezzanine floor, flooded with light and open to the outside world. It comprises working spaces for engraving, painting and exhibitions. Late in 2012 Lourdes Fisa has decided to open her studio’s doors enabling her to share experiences and creating a space where an artistic dialogue can take place.

La Vanguardia :


Shared usage of her printmaking equipment is possible in days and times to be arranged for those who are starting their careers and wish to experiment in their works. Non-toxic techniques are preferred as well as a certain autonomy in the work. It comprises 124 square meters (2000 square feet) divided in areas of drawing and preparation of the plates and working surfaces; mordants preparation and printing zone: chalcographic press, with platinum plates measuring 105 x 170 cms (41 x 67 inches). Drying table. Individual artists will have to use their own tools and paper. There is space to keep all equipment and personal drawers are available to keep the finished works. The studio will provide basic materials such as felts, spatulas, solvents, ink trays and basic engraving paints. Limited places available.


Running all year round for beginners and anyone interested in printmaking, even without prior knowledge of this art. Dates and course contents to be determined. For small groups only.


The studio is at the center of Manresa.

Manresa is the capital of the Catalonian region of El Bages in central Catalonia, with some 70,000 inhabitants. It is 65 Km (40 miles) distant from Barcelona, 100 Km (62 miles) from the Pyrenees and 20 Km (12 miles) from the Monteserrat mountain. Information about Manresa can be found at

Studio address:

Passeig Pere III, 89
Mezzanine 2a.
08242 Manresa (BARCELONA)
Spain (Europe)
t/ +34 606960005

For any other information required, namely prices, availability and hours please send an email to

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